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Yuri Ziryukin

I was born in the 1st of October 1977 in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (former USSR, at present - Russian Federation) in a small town called Donskoy which is situated in the Tula Region (about 200 km to south from Moscow).

In 1984 I started my education in the school N12 of Donskoy. After the first year of education got a certificate indicating my exceptional performance in all subjects.
In 1992 participated the town-wide competition in chemistry and won it. Took part in a region-wide competition. In the same year I started to learn more about personal computers and computer science. This happened with the buying of my first PC. In 1993 I have bought my first ZX Spectrum. In 1994 I graduated from school. The average of gradiation certificate marks is 4,92 (maximum 5).

In 1994 enrolled to the Novomoskovsk branch of Russian Chemical-Technological University named by D.I.Mendeleev and started to study "Automating of Industry Production". One year later moved to another faculty to study "Automated Systems of Information Processing and Management". Showing leadership skills, in 1998 worked as a project manager for the 1st issue of the hyper-text CD, devoted to the 25th anniversary of the Information Technology cathedra.

In 1999 was very much involved into the project of building the complete information system for the University. Was responsible for the network part of the solution.
More information about the projects in which I was involved see in the section "Works".

To be continued...


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