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Tel: +49 (0)7253-982457 (home at the current address)
Fax: +49 (0)6227-7836694
ICQ: 74530149


Positive self-motivated and adaptable professional who thrives best in a fast moving and pressurised environment. Totally committed and customer focused, a strong team player equally capable of working independently on own initiative. Excellent organisational, analytical and interpersonal skills, able to relate effectively at all levels. Practical experience in problem solving; good oral and written communications; knowledge of various computer graphics/design packages, programming languages for several operation systems, database management systems, office applications on PC, practical experience in web-design, knowledge of SAP® products and professional knowledge of computer networks.

Currently NOT looking for a new job.


Date of Birth: 1st October 1977
Nationality: Russian
Marital Status: Married
Children: 1 daughter
(3 years old)
Driving licence: Russian (since June 2001) and German (since February 2002)


Since 2007
SAP AG (St. Leon-Rot, Germany)
Service Architect

SAP Service Develoment in the areas of data consistency and performance as a developer and as a project lead
Develop and perform trainings in different areas
Deliver SAP performance optimization services for critical cases and complex projects

Jan 2005 - 2007
SAP AG (St. Leon-Rot, Germany)
Platinum Support Consultant

Support in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) area
Trainings in different areas (functional and performance)
Delivering SAP optimization services (as team lead and expert)

Jan 2004 - 2005
SAP AG (St. Leon-Rot, Germany)
Senior Support Consultant II

Technical support in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) area
Trainings in the area of business transactions and basic functionality
Delivering SAP onsite services (as team lead)

Jan 2003 - 2004
SAP AG (St. Leon-Rot, Germany)
Senior Support Consultant

Technical support in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) area
Trainings in the area of business transactions and basic functionality
Customer message processing on the Regional Level
Participating SAP onsite services (Solution Management Assessment)

Jul 2001 - Dec 2002
SAP AG (St. Leon-Rot, Germany)
Technical Support Consultant

Technical support in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) area
Customer message processing on the Regional Level
Participating SAP onsite services (Solution Management Assessment)

Aug 2000 - Apr 2001
Rila Publications Limited (London, UK)
Network and Database Administrator

These people did not pay me my last salary. I would NOT advise you to deal with this company!

Hardware and software management.
Administering Linux Server (Web, FTP)
Administering Windows NT Server (File, Print, Mail)
Software development.
Development of corporate Web-site, integration with databases.
Database management (MS SQL Server administration).
Building and managing internal network.

Sep 99 - Aug 2000
Municipal Administration of Donskoy town (Donskoy, Russia)
Main Specialist of Electronics and Computers

Hardware and software management.
Visiting exhibitions throughout Russia.
New hardware and software purchasing.
Software development (databases).
E-mail administration.
PBX (telephone station) management.
HelpDesk and preparing documentation.
Users training to raise the level of PC-interacting skills.
Developing the official Web-site for Donskoy town.
Organizing fast & reliable Internet access.

Aug 98 - Aug 99
Procter&Gamble, Novomoskovsk Plant (Novomoskovsk, Russia)
HelpDesk Intern

Responsible for analysis of HelpDesk support.
Solving problems with hardware, software, network etc.
Developing a tool for calls logging and analysis.
Involved in company-wide Lotus Notes rollout.
Involved in company-wide MS NetMeeting Deployment.
Involved in Platinum software deployment.
Responsible for Video-conferencing.
Performing variable user trainings.
Expanded on teamwork ethics and goals.

Aug 97 - Mar 98
The Centre of Information Technologies (Novomoskovsk, Russia)

Administering Unix server.
Involving new customers (sales).
Setting up client software.
Consulting customers and solving various problems.
Leaning Unix model and philosophy.


The Novomoskovsk Branch of Russian Chemical-Technological University
The Automated Systems of Information Processing and Management
Diploma with excellent marks only.

Feb 2001
Certified by Brainbench in TCP/IP Administration (Master degree) and Apache 1.3.12 Administration (Master degree)


Throughout my studies I have had a strong interest in computers with regards towards programming and networks. My computing literacy and proficiency covers a wide area, with experience in many types of software including Corel Draw, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Premiere, Quark Xpress, MS FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Windows 95/98, 3D Studio, MS Office, ABBY Finereader, QuickFill etc.; server-side applications and OS like Windows NT Server, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, FreeBSD Unix, Linux, Novell Netware and NDS, MacOS, Apache web server, Internet Information Server, MDaemon mail server, Real Audio server, Norton Administrator for Networks, Retrospect Backup, Lotus Learning Space etc.; programming languages: C, Pascal, PHP, Perl, SQL, Visual Basic for Applications, Inprise Delphi, Assembler, Prolog, Javascript, VB Script; databases: MS SQL Server, MS FoxPro, MS Access, Interbase SQL Server, Postgres SQL Server etc.
Excellent skills in web-design and HTML.
Experience of building networks (including developing a project, wiring, hardware installation, software installation and setup etc.)

Knowledge of SAP® products and technology (CRM in details).


Generally keeping fit and active through the means of various sports of which skiing and riding a bicycle takes most precedence. In the 1994 took 2nd place in a town-wide skiing competitions. Another of my interests is music (different kinds, but basically jazz).


Andreas Breitrueck , Active Global Support - Logistics (CRM), SAP AG
e-mail: by request

Galina Semina, The Head of the Basic Department, Donskoy Municipal Administration.
Oktyabrskaya str. 17, Donskoy, Tula region, Russia. Tel.: +7 08746 54414

Alexander Moskvin, IT Manager, Procter&Gamble Russia.
e-mail: by request

Victor Vorobyev, Director of Computer Studies, Novomoskovsk Institute of Russian Chemical-Technological University,
Druzhby str., Novomoskovsk, Tula region, Russia. Tel.: +7 08762 62924,
e-mail: by request

Donskoy town official web-site:

School Graduation Certificate and Diploma

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